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Living Israeli Hebrew - for the beginner.

In just a few short hours learn how to read and write Hebrew. This clear and straightforward workbook has been specially created for English speakers with absolutely no knowledge of Hebrew.

Use at home, at your own pace.
Learn how to write the entire Hebrew script/cursive alphabet.
Modern and Biblical Hebrew - in one workbook.
Practice with a handy 60-minute audio cassette,
featuring a native Israeli speaking slowly and clearly.
Helpful flash cards to reinforce what you have learned!

Unlike other Hebrew-teaching texts, this language tutor features:
Important, basic concepts in speaking and understanding Hebrew, NOT complicated grammatical rules that confuse beginners.
Easy-to-understand examples from the English sound system to explain and illustrate Hebrew sounds.
A focus on modern-day, spoken Israeli Hebrew.
A Biblical Hebrew supplement - first steps in the Holy tongue.
A Common Expressions supplement.
Clear, slow and proper Israeli accent.
An audio download designed to be used in conjunction with the workbook, 'like having a private tutor at home.'

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